Covid test: positive

(Original post: November 4, 2020)

Day? Year? in Glasshalfull–I’m too tired to count it up tonight.

Just wanted to share some news so everyone will be aware. Floyd tested positive for Covid today. He is doing okay, still has his smile, is teasing me as normal, but is in the hospital to be on the safe side. I haven’t gotten my results yet but am doing okay and will be quarantining. We don’t know how we got this because we wear our masks, use hand sanitizer and wash hands, socially distance, and go out at little as possible. Yet, here we are. My ask with this message is for prayers and positive thoughts, of course. But also, that we each take time to do an act of kindness for someone in the next few days. That’s what Floyd has always tried to do and I’m convinced that the positive vibes you purposefully create will be healing for him and for us all.

UPDATE: Well, it seems I am officially positive, too. But as you know by my Glasshalfull posts, that’s what I try to be, so not too surprising. Floyd is still doing okay in the hospital and we talk a lot on the phone. Reminds me of our dating days way back when, only the conversations are much older but, hopefully, a little wiser.

UPDATE2: Floyd is home again! He had plasma last night and is home now enjoying his recliner. Still sooooo tired but that comes with this territory. Thanks to all for the positive support.

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