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Hotdog, Frankenstina, and Metamorphic Me

When Xander is forced to choose between a tacky tourist trap road trip across Kansas with Gramps, his pet-obsessed lady friend, and her internet-famous (but older-than-dirt) dachshund, and a family reunion organized by the Cruella de Vil of grandmothers, he can’t pack his bags fast enough. But Xander is escaping from more than a boring party (and a weekend of dump cake and Jell-O salads.) Ever since his dad died, he can’t shake the feeling that he’s responsible. And the secret he carries might just be bigger and more tangled than the world’s largest ball of twine they visit along the way. Will a pint-sized tragedy, a whole lotta geology puns, and a Winnebago with a serious shimmy motivate Xander to face the thing he fears most?

*The world’s biggest ball of twine can be found in Cawker City, Kansas

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