When a Student Becomes a Teacher

I had the honor and privilege this week to talk about being an author with the class of MY FORMER STUDENT Holly McPeak! I had Holly in fourth grade at Oberlin Elementary (I’m not telling how…) many years ago and now she’s a 3rd grade teacher for Missouri Virtual Academy. It was the first author visit I’ve been able to do in a while and it felt wonderful to be with students again. Even though it was online, I enjoyed being with the classes and their teachers Holly, Emily Patterson, and Lenora Scrimsher SO MUCH!

I talked about what I wrote as a child and how books can be friends during sad times. I loved the students’ wonderful questions and hearing their ideas for their own projects. I even asked them to vote on which title they liked best for my soon-to-be book. They chose HOTDOG’S LAST HURRAH!

Something I thought about while preparing my presentation is that not everyone is a writer, but we ALL are storytellers. Stories are EVERYWHERE. We just need to find and share them!

Thank you, Holly, Emily, and Lenora for your excellent work. And thank you for sharing your storyteller students with me.

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