Relish on the Road

July 20, National Hotdog Day

Greetings Hotdog Fans!

Hotdog Franklin Bratweiler here for Relish on the Road. Relish is usually my travel blog where I report on the many points of interest in the great state of Kansas. But today, I thought I’d feature two of my favorite “links” (get it?) about the delicacy for which I am so appropriately named. Frankly, I’m quite proud to be associated with hot dogs because they happen to be my bribe of choice whenever my owner wants me to do anything other than eat, sleep, and answer the call of nature.

National Hotdog Day

This site is about national holidays and lists National Hot Dog Day as July 20. It gives a brief hot dog history and states several facts showing how much people enjoy hot dogs.

My favorite fact is that Americans eat about 20 billion hot dogs a year. That’s one billion times the number of nuggets I will tolerate in my wet food before turning up my nose.

My least favorite part of this website is that they misspelled my name. I’m “Hotdog” not “Hot Dog,” even though the official spelling of the term added to the Oxford Dictionary in 1900 was “hot dog.” But I’m a compassionate canine, so will let this glaring error go.

The Wienermobile®

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile® site makes me wish I had a valid driver’s license and was long enough to see over the steering wheel! Also, that I was a graduating college student so I could apply to be a Hotdogger–one of the lucky people who gets to drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile® promoting Oscar Mayer hot dogs around the country! But then I guess dogs of the furry variety don’t quite cut the mustard.

My favorite fact about the Wienermobile® is that it took to the road for the first time in 1936 when people needed cheering up during the Great Depression. My least favorite thing is that the Wiener Whistles they give away really hurt my ultra-sensitive ears!

Happy Hot Dog Day!

Your loving non-edible hot dog,


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