Day 125, Year 10 in Glasshalfull

It’s been a week since Floyd’s latest ablation and we’re thankful he’s on the upswing. This one took six hours because they had to go slowly, testing each connection until they found the one that was causing his heart to race. They also had to fix several places that had reconnected since the last ablation two months ago. Now his heart is beating too slowly, but they are adjusting his medication to see which dosage will work best. Thankful his heartbeat was normal last night. We’re hoping this becomes a habit.

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Day 116, Year 10

I’m thankful for this beautiful, windless day. I went out early to hang up more hummingbird feeders and took a minute to admire the yard Floyd and I mowed TOGETHER yesterday. And the bushes I was able to trim with MY VERY OWN TINY CHAIN SAW! Using it reminded me of when I helped him farm with the John Deere. Large or small, there’s something about the way power tools get the job done so much faster!

It’s been great to see him mowing again. He doesn’t need his cane on that little Ford tractor, and he can make it from one end of the yard to the other without being winded or worrying about tripping. The healing process from the nerve damage he suffered from Covid is super slow, which has been frustrating. But his fingers are tingling all the time now (a good sign) and he can finally feel his big toes!

Now, it’s his heart that’s demanding our attention. Since March he’s had an ablation, a cardioversion, and an evening in the emergency room with his heart rate at 173. He’s to have another ablation on Thursday which we hope will resolve the a-Fib issues. I teased him that it might be cheaper to get a divorce since I seem to be making his heart go pitter pat a little too much. He said, “In your dreams” which I’m not quite sure how to take. Anyway, we’re thankful that there are so many ways they can approach heart problems these days and so many skilled doctors and nurses there to help.

It’s just a continual reminder that every minute is precious and to appreciate every day, windy or not.

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